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Donate:Adopt an Animal or Museum



Trailside Museums and Zoo is a home for rehabilitated wild animals. Many of them have permanent injuries that severely limit their ability to survive in the wild. Others were raised in captivity, so their parents never taught them to fend for themselves. All of our animals receive excellent medical attention and are cared for each day by our dedicated zookeepers. These animals are ambassadors for their species. They help us teach people about local wildlife, the effects humans have on wildlife, and ways people can help.

Adopt your


Bald Eagle, Barred Owl, Black Vulture, Canada Goose, Eastern Screech Owl, Great Horned Owl, Mallard, Mute Swan, Red-tailed Hawk, Turkey Vulture, Wood Duck


American Toad, Bull Frog, Gray Tree Frog, Northern Red Salamander, Red-spotted Newt, Spring Peeper, Spotted Salamander, Wood Frog


Black Rat Snake, Snapping Turtle, Garter Snake, Eastern Box Turtle, Eastern Milk Snake, Eastern Painted Turtle, Five-lined Skink, Northern Water Snake, Spotted Turtle, Timber Rattlesnake

We have a wide variety of Mammals, Birds, Amphibians, Reptiles, and Museums to adopt!

Adopting an animal helps support the care and feeding of our Trailside exhibit animals. With all adoptions, you will receive a Certificate, Photo of your Animal, Species Info Sheet, and Individual Animal Profile to learn even more about how amazing your adopted animal is. 

If you prefer to contribute by check, print this Donation Form and mail it to us. Please allow two weeks for processing.

Adopt a Museum

Reptile, Amphibian & Fish Musuem, Nature Study Musuem, Geology Musuem, History Musuem

Your donations help

  • provide food, medical care, supplies and the upkeep of the animal enclosures,
  • give a non-releasable animal a permanent home and
  • support educational programming.

Donation Options

$25 adoption
  • Adoption Certificate
  • Species Info Sheet
  • Individual Animal Profile
  • Photo
$50 adoption
  • plus Photo Keychain
$100 adoption
  • Plus Photo Keychain and 8 x 10 Photo
$150 adoption
  • Plus Photo Keychain, 8 x 10 Photo
  • Pocket Guide related to your animal.
$250 adoption
  • Plus Photo Keychain, 8 x 10 Photo 
  • Pocket Guide related to your animal
  • Meet the Zookeepers
  • Help prepare an Animal’s Meal!

General Fund

Trailside Fund, Trailside Conservation Education Fund, Trailside Gardens & Landscape Fund, Harriman Nature Museums Endowment, Rockland Lake Nature Center, Greatest Need

Palisades Interstate Park Commission Federal Tax ID # 13-1941505.

Consult your tax advisor for assistance determining the portion of your donation that may be tax-deductible.