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Information on Novel Coronavirus

Coronavirus is still spreading in New York. New Yorkers are required to wear a mask and maintain 6 feet/2M distance in public.


Living Well with Wildlife

Trailside Museums & Zoo encourages people to live well with the wildlife. Take steps to coexist with wildlife, protect wildlife from potential hazards in our yards and communities and prevent wildlife from becoming “problem animals.” Protect birds by keeping cats...

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Iona Marsh Habitat Restoration

By 2000, the biodiverse brackish tidal marshes of Iona Island were overrun by the invasive, non-native common reed, Phragmites australis. Restoration began in 2008 with the removal of Phragmites from a 10-acre test plot to allow native marsh flora and fauna to...

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Habitat Restoration for Declining Species

Protecting and restoring imperiled habitat is a critical component of combatting the decline of wildlife populations. With this notable importance in mind, research staff have been hard at work to protect native species that are suffering from habitat loss. In...

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Citizen Science

A significant part of Trailside Museums and Zoo’s mission is encouraging the formation of partnerships between professional scientists and naturalist volunteers through citizen science opportunities. Volunteers interested in protecting the environment can lend a hand...

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